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A Mexican dish made of pieces of fried tortilla cooked under layers of a usually tomato-based sauce and cheese, often served at breakfast with eggs and refried beans.

[Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl chīlāquilitl, greens cooked in chili broth : chīlātl, chilli broth (chīlli, chīl-, chilli + ātl, ā-, water; see axolotl) + quilitl, greens, leafy vegetables.]
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Think guacamole, salsa, peppers, entomatada, enchilada, tacos, chillies, tortilla, chilaquile, sea food, spices, hot.
Organic Chilaquile Casserole, a hearty mix of red beans, vegetables and south-of-the-border spices layered over white corn tortillas and topped with grated cheese, is an addition to the Moosewood line.
Compiled and organized by Rebecca Baugniet, "500 Casseroles" is a particularly impressive collection of easy-to-prepare recipes for a wide diversity of one-pot dishes ranging from Tamale Casserole; Rigatoni & Italian Sausage Bake; Coq Au Vin; and Turkey Gougere; to Baked Snapper with Mushrooms; Chilaquile Casserole; Cauliflower & Red Pepper Casserole; and Italian Risotto with Scallops.
We were urged to try breakfast dishes that aren't found anywhere else on the island such as Huevos a la Mexicana (Mexican-style eggs with the beans and beef bacon) and Chilaquiles con Huevo (a crispy tortilla dish with Guajillo sauce and eggs).
Mientras Jorge Luis conversaba con este, Lesvy se comio unos chilaquiles con carne al pastor.
Pese a que a veces extrana estar con la gente que quiere o unos buenos chilaquiles, es mas lo que ha ganado: "Conocer lugares extraordinarios, pero es una fortuna cuando uno hace las cosas que le gustan y le apasionan", dice resuelto.
Like panzanella in Tuscany or chilaquiles in Mexico, French toast is a classic in part because it uses an ingredient that people tend to keep around.
The same goes for its American Meatloaf, Pineapple Grilled Pork Chop, Beef Pochero with Eggplant Salsa, Chicken Fajitas, Red Beans and Chicken Chilaquiles.
A spokesman for KFC said: "In Mexico, chilaquiles with pulled chicken are a favourite breakfast option, whilst in Indonesia, chicken porridge is a morning must-have.
The complimentary Desayuno Express bar showcases a full range of breakfast items, including a rotation of egg and meat selections, pastries, yogurt, fruit, coffee, juices, and regional dishes such as chicken chilaquiles and molletes.
En la Hacienda de los Morales preparabamos salmon con salsa holandesa, barbacoa y chilaquiles.
So after recovering from her flu, Rodriguez got back to eating stuff she loves, such as pancakes and chilaquiles.