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1. An arrangement by which subscribers pay a membership fee up front to the operators of a farm or group of farms in exchange for regular shares of produce throughout the growing season.
2. A farm operated under such an arrangement.

[c(ommunity) s(upported) a(griculture).]


Confederate States of America


(in Britain) abbreviation for
(Social Welfare) Child Support Agency


or C.S.A.,

Confederate States of America.
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Some noncustodial parents often find the child support agency and its processes frustrating and difficult to navigate, and that viewpoint can have a negative impact on compliance.
THE Child Support Agency was created by the Tories in 1993, more to save money than help kids.
The Gingerbread group said almost PS4 billion of unpaid money has built up over the 23 years of the Child Support Agency, which is being replaced by the Child Maintenance Service.
A THIRD of single parents turned down by the Child Support Agency for help in gaining child maintenance could now be eligible for financial support from ex-partners.
The money is owed by absent parents who have been referred to the Child Support Agency (CSA).
Nearly nine of out ten are paying through the Child Support Agency after it got tough on "deadbeat dads" who had refused to pay.
The Government plans to introduce new powers which will enable the Child Maintenance Service and the Child Support Agency to start sharing certain information from their clients' payment records with credit reference agencies.
The Child Support Agency pointed out that jail terms were "very rare" and were only imposed "as a last resort" after other avenues have been exhausted.
Summary: The House of Lords has thrown out Government plans to charge single parents for using the Child Support Agency.
IT was surprising to read, according to your article "Single Mum's cash ordeal" (Sept 16) that the Child Support Agency contacted a parent and advised her to open a CSA case, regardless that her former partner was willing to pay child maintenance voluntarily.
Anthony Zausmer, 57, of Marine Promenade, New Brighton, kept more than pounds 2,000 destined for an employee's child which he was legally obliged to deduct and pass on to the Child Support Agency.
2m (397th), said the figures were shocking and called for the Child Support Agency to address what the family support charity Gingerbread said was a "debt mountain".

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