sex tourism

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sex tour

A tour to a destination where sexual services are available to tourists.

sex tourism n.
sex tourist n.

sex tourism

tourism with the intention of exploiting permissive or poorly enforced local laws concerning sex, esp sex with children

sex tourism

nSextourismus m
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These are some of the guidelines framed for the tourism industry to curb child sex tourism.
Cuba sent an American fugitive back to the United States where he is wanted on charges of child sex tourism and possessing child pornography, reports Reuters (June 14, 2008).
EURO MPs are trying to put a stop to child sex tourism.
There are also new social realities in Kenya, which the law did not take account of, such as HIV and AIDS and child sex tourism, and developments in the field of forensics, such as DNA profiling, which did not exist when the old laws were enacted.
The United Nations (UN) defines child sex tourism (CST) as organized tourism (the nature of which encompasses many activities) that facilitates the commercial sexual exploitation of anyone under 18 years of age.
According to nongovernmental organizations dedicated to eradicate child trafficking and sexual exploitation, Canada is today the second largest source country for child sex tourism in Latin America," Winnipeg based, Beyond Borders says.
Child or youth prostitution: In 1997, Bill C-27 (child prostitution, child sex tourism, criminal harassment and female genital mutilation) amended the criminal code, making it illegal for anyone to obtain or attempt to obtain sexual services of a person under the age of 18; it is also illegal for anyone to live wholly or in part on the avails of prostitution of someone under 18 (Department of Justice Canada, 1997).
Part A of this note discusses the problem of sexual exploitation of children worldwide and the steps the United States has taken to criminalize child sex tourism.
Thanks to police actions such as Operation Ore and a deepening knowledge of the vile child sex tourism industry we are able to glimpse just how widespread the issue has become.
The report concluded that child sex tourism flourished in the area because of high poverty rates, low levels of education and cultural acceptance of early sexual relations.
A British Embassy spokesman said: 'Both the UK and Vietnamese governments take the issue of child sex tourism extremely seriously.

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