sex tourism

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sex tour

A tour to a destination where sexual services are available to tourists.

sex tourism n.
sex tourist n.

sex tourism

tourism with the intention of exploiting permissive or poorly enforced local laws concerning sex, esp sex with children

sex tourism

nSextourismus m
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Specialized lessons alert students to the indicators of child sex tourism and their professional responsibility to take action when they recognize this crime.
Foreign Travel Orders were introduced in 2004 to help countries plagued by child sex tourism, such as Cambodia, Thailand and India.
They outline the historical background of the problem and discuss child prostitution, child sex tourism, child pornography, and trafficking in children, as well as other forms of exploitation like child marriages and illegal adoptions, and their extent, contributing factors, and how they occur.
Noting that Japanese men continue to be a significant source of demand for child sex tourism in Southeast Asia, the report also called on Japanese authorities to more aggressively investigate, prosecute and punish Japanese nationals who engage in child sex tourism.
Last year, Cheryl Perera travelled throughout Southeast Asia to further her understanding of the child sex tourism industry.
HOTELS and airlines will no longer allow the use of the Internet on their premises by anyone searching for child pornography or sites that peddle child sex tourism.
Sexploitation, flesh peddling of minors, children for sale, child sex tourism amongst the fancy phrases for the international market for child sexual abuse, it boils down to a blatant "rape for profit" industry.
It says Britain fails to prevent child sex tourism, with "repeat offenders travelling from country to country and flagrantly avoiding the stringent sex offender mechanisms in the UK".
Cuba sent an American fugitive back to the United States where he is wanted on charges of child sex tourism and possessing child pornography, reports Reuters (June 14, 2008).
EURO MPs are trying to put a stop to child sex tourism.
The United Nations (UN) defines child sex tourism (CST) as organized tourism (the nature of which encompasses many activities) that facilitates the commercial sexual exploitation of anyone under 18 years of age.
According to nongovernmental organizations dedicated to eradicate child trafficking and sexual exploitation, Canada is today the second largest source country for child sex tourism in Latin America," Winnipeg based, Beyond Borders says.

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