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Noun1.child molester - a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner
degenerate, deviant, deviate, pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
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The Turnbull Government today announces the membership of the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Reference Group.
Any discussion on child safety or child abuse awareness prompts resistance from conservative groups of society and due to the 'taboo' attached to these topics, many do not report child sexual abuse because they feel it will bring shame on their families.
He expressed these views while talking to SAHIL volunteer Rafiullah Mandokhail, during a meeting on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) at DPO office here.
The speakers also called for accelerated measures for curbing child sexual abuse in Pakistan.
GUJRANWALA -- In the latest incident of child sexual abuse, a nine-year-old boy was murdered after allegedly being subjected to sexual abuse in Gujranwala, media reported on Sunday.
ISLAMABAD -- For the first time in the country's history, the Federal Investigation Agency has constituted a team to deal with cases pertaining to child sexual abuse and child pornography on the internet.
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)ChairpersonBilawal Bhutto Zardari announced on Monday that the Sindh government is working on introducing an awareness programme on child sexual abuse as part of the school curriculum.
Summary: As many as 11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported from across Pakistan every day
VICTIMS of child sexual abuse in the North East are being encouraged to share their experiences as part of a Government inquiry.
Peter Saunders, victims and survivors consultative panel member, added: "Victims and survivors of child sexual abuse often tell me they've been silenced, ignored and failed by organisations they trusted.
But research by NSPCC Scotland shows that, despite a greater spotlight on child sexual abuse in the past 10 years and several highprofile abuse cases reaching the courts, access to recovery services remains patchy.
With this collaboration, Tata Communications is leading the way towards a safer internet by protecting citizens from online child sexual abuse material.

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