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(slā′və-rē, slāv′rē)
n. pl. slav·er·ies
1. The condition in which one person is owned as property by another and is under the owner's control, especially in involuntary servitude.
a. The practice of owning slaves.
b. A mode of production in which slaves constitute the principal workforce.
3. The condition of being subject or addicted to a specified influence.
4. A condition of hard work and subjection: wage slavery.
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1. (Law) the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work
3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit
4. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) work done in harsh conditions for low pay
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(ˈsleɪ və ri, ˈsleɪv ri)

1. the condition of a slave; bondage.
2. the keeping of slaves as a practice or institution.
3. a state of subjection like that of a slave.
4. severe toil; drudgery.
syn: slavery, bondage, servitude refer to involuntary subjection to another or others. slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master: to be sold into slavery. bondage indicates a state of subjugation or captivity often involving burdensome and degrading labor: in bondage to a cruel master. servitude is compulsory service, often such as is required by law: penal servitude.
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See also captivity.

the movement for the abolition of slavery, especially Negro slavery in the U.S. — abolitionist, n.
the condition or quality of being a helot; serfdom or slavery. Also helotage, helotry.
1. the state or period of being indentured or apprenticed; apprenticeship.
2. the state or period of being a servant bound to service for a specified time in return for passage to a colony.
a doctrine that advocates slavery. — servility, n.
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Noun1.slavery - the state of being under the control of another personslavery - the state of being under the control of another person
subjection, subjugation - forced submission to control by others
bonded labor - a practice in which employers give high-interest loans to workers whose entire families then labor at low wages to pay off the debt; the practice is illegal in the United States
servitude - state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment; "penal servitude"
serfdom, serfhood, vassalage - the state of a serf
2.slavery - the practice of owning slaves
practice, pattern - a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
3.slavery - work done under harsh conditions for little or no pay
toil, labor, labour - productive work (especially physical work done for wages); "his labor did not require a great deal of skill"
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noun enslavement, servitude, subjugation, captivity, bondage, thrall, serfdom, vassalage, thraldom My people have survived 300 years of slavery.
freedom, liberty, emancipation, release, manumission
"There're two people in the world that are not likeable: a master and a slave" [Nikki Giovanni A Dialogue [with James Baldwin]]
"Slavery they can have anywhere. It is a weed that grows on every soil" [Edmund Burke On Conciliation with America]
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A state of subjugation to an owner or master:
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عُبودِيَّهعَمَل شاق وأُجْرَة مُنْخَفِضَهنِظام العُبودِيَّه
kölelikkölelik sistemizor ve ücreti düşük iş


[ˈsleɪvərɪ] Nesclavitud f
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[ˈsleɪvəri] nesclavage m
to be sold into slavery → être vendu(e) en esclavageslave ship nnavire m négrierslave trade ncommerce m des esclaves
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nSklaverei f; (= condition)Sklavenleben nt; (fig: = addiction) → sklavische Abhängigkeit (to von); she was tired of domestic slaverysie hatte es satt, sich immer im Haushalt abrackern zu müssen
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[ˈsleɪvərɪ] n (condition) → schiavitù f; (system) → schiavismo
to reduce to slavery → schiavizzare
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(sleiv) noun
1. a person who works for a master to whom he belongs. In the nineteenth century many Africans were sold as slaves in the United States.
2. a person who works very hard for someone else. He has a slave who types his letters and organizes his life for him.
to work very hard, often for another person. I've been slaving away for you all day while you sit and watch television.
ˈslavery noun
1. the state of being a slave.
2. the system of ownership of slaves.
3. very hard and badly-paid work. Her job is sheer slavery.
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It is very disturbing to consider that many towns, cities or municipalities actually have "animal control units" with vehicles, vets and dog pounds but many LGUs are blind to the presence of streets kids, blind to the threat of child slavery in their areas of responsibility.
Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre, Dumfries The Chocolate Case (12+).The documentary today is the story of three Dutch journalists who uncover the use of child slavery in the cocoa industry and undertake an incredible 10-year journey to persuade the corporations to end the use of child labour.
With this bill, we have only taken the first step to eliminate child slavery in Punjab.
In October 2018, the Ninth Circuit reinstated a lawsuit accusing NestlE[umlaut] USA and Cargill Co., of perpetuating child slavery at cocoa farms in Ivory Coast.
MONDAY Selling Children: Storyville BBC4, 10pm Child slavery was an issue seemingly far removed from Pankaj Johar's daily life in India.
unit of Nestle SA (NESN.S), the world's largest food maker, and Cargill Co [CARG.UL] of perpetuating child slavery at Ivory Coast cocoa farms.
Ballard strives to raise awareness of the continuing problem of human trafficking by alternating historical accounts of slavery from the pre-Civil War American South with descriptions of child slavery practices in the contemporary world.
And the repealer of child slavery on Mars is a friend.
The government reported identifying 35 child forced begging victims--20 Mauritanian children and 15 children from neighboring countries--a significant decrease from the previous reporting period, when police identified more than 649 child slavery and trafficking victims.
In 6 years we have read books about the Sudanese civil war, disabilities, child slavery, bullying, international adoption, and refugees.

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