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Noun1.child support - court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated
support payment - a payment made by one person for the support of another
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ANNAPOLIS Legislation will soon be introduced to remove a controversial provision in Maryland family law that sharply reduces noncustodial parents' child-support obligations once they have hosted their children overnight 128 times in a year.
Following the 2010 custody transfer, Father received confirmation from the Department of Social Services that, based on the JDR court order and his zero balance, it was preparing to close his child-support account.
An Idaho House committee voted 9-8 Friday to kill legislation that would bring the state into compliance with federal child-support collection rules.
To the extent Quezada can use his newfound wealth to make up for any past failures to satisfy his child-support obligations, he should do so.
New York, November 25 ( ANI ): Marc Anthony's former wife, actress Dayanara Torres, is reportedly dragging him to court to demand a nearly ten-fold increase in child-support payments.
SAN FRANCISO -- The city District Attorney's Victim Services Division together with the Department of Child Support Services will educate victims of domestic violence about their child-support options.
Parents now receive automated calls to remind them about child-support hearings.
Nearly two years ago, the Monthly reported on widespread problems at the state agencies charged with collecting and distributing child-support money.
In the third column the dependent variable is equal to one if the mother reported that child-support guidelines were used to determine the award amount and equal to zero otherwise.
Recent changes in child-support laws are helping single parents track down elusive spouses who owe thousands in unpaid, but court-ordered, child support.
The one instance of mobilized opposition to the CSRA came from a fathers' rights group called Wisconsin Fathers for Equal Justice.(37) William Fetzner, testifying on behalf of Wisconsin Fathers, argued that punishing male child-support evaders is a mistake because it violates the rights of fathers.