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Noun1.child support - court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated
support payment - a payment made by one person for the support of another
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To the extent Quezada can use his newfound wealth to make up for any past failures to satisfy his child-support obligations, he should do so.
SAN FRANCISO -- The city District Attorney's Victim Services Division together with the Department of Child Support Services will educate victims of domestic violence about their child-support options.
8220;If you favour the child support of $100, then you do not support Canada's child-support guidelines in force since May 1997.
For more than a decade, Los Angeles County sent child-support bills to Thomas Marion Smith, and he paid them, believing the money was supporting his daughter while she lived with her mother.
DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Parents can now expect to collect child-support payments easier and faster as a result of a new Quad-City office being operated jointly by the states of Iowa and Illinois.
Nearly two years ago, the Monthly reported on widespread problems at the state agencies charged with collecting and distributing child-support money.
Recent changes in child-support laws are helping single parents track down elusive spouses who owe thousands in unpaid, but court-ordered, child support.
The importance of such relations can be highlighted by examining the constitutional and statutory provisions governing enforcement of interstate child-support orders, the difficulties encountered by numerous custodial parents in their efforts to collect such support, and the controversy surrounding the question of whether the Congress possesses the authority to supersede state child-support systems and to establish a national system.
Perhaps there is basis for building a strategy that could raise single families with children ou of poverty through better child-support enforcement coupled with child-support assurance.
Only $50 of the $1,000 payment each month will be treated as alimony; the other $950 will be treated as a "substitute" child-support payment.
State Controller Kathleen Connell, chairwoman of the Franchise Tax Board, called a special meeting to solicit input regarding SB 542 (Burton) and AB 196 (Kuehl), proposed legislation that would considerably expand the duties of the FTB in regards to the collection of delinquent child-support payments.
If you agree with the child support of $1,000 and disagree with the child support of $2,000, then you do not support Canada's Child-Support Guidelines in force since May 1st, 1997.