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1. often Crusade Any of the military expeditions undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.
2. A holy war undertaken with papal sanction.
3. A concerted effort or vigorous movement for a cause or against an abuse: a crusade for literacy; a crusade against drunk driving.
intr.v. cru·sad·ed, cru·sad·ing, cru·sades
To engage in a crusade.

[French croisade and Spanish cruzada, both ultimately from Latin crux, cruc-, cross.]

cru·sad′er n.


During the Middle Ages, Christian armies tried to recapture Jerusalem which had been conquered by Muslim Turks. These military expeditions were called crusades. They began before 1100 and ended in the late 1200s
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In a march known as the Children's Crusade, they peacefully went into the white business area and entered stores and restaurants that normally did not cater to blacks.
Historians discuss whether the First Crusade was unprovoked offense or overdue defense, religious madness and the origins of the First Crusade, whether medieval anti-Judaism was a cause or consequence of the Crusades, whether the First Crusaders were proto-colonists, the making of the Children's Crusade, an origin myth for the Templars and Masons, and whether Islam and the Crusades implies a 900-year-long grievance.
and one of King's arch nemeses, Bull Connor, Birmingham's commissioner of public safety, who called Hrabowski a "little Nigra," as well as how Hrabowski handled being jailed as a youth for his participation in the Children's Crusade in Birmingham in 1963.
The Children's Crusade is less a coming-of-age story than a grappling-with-your-childhood story.
SIR - In 1212 Europe sought to blackmail God into granting success to the Children's Crusade.
In 1963, the Children's Crusade began in Birmingham, Alabama, as more than 1,000 black schoolchildren skipped classes and marched downtown to protest racial segregation; hundreds were arrested.
Fortunately, such books are still being published, and one of the better examples is The Children's Crusade, the new novel by Ann Packer (The Dive from Clausen's Pier).
Before moderating their panel, Martin talked about the Children's Crusade, the 1963 civil rights demonstration by hundreds of Birmingham school students in Alabama.
In his most recent appeal on the issue of undocumented migrants, which is becoming a primary focus of his papacy, Pope Francis deplores what he bluntly termed the racist and xenophobic displays witnessed since the children's crusade to the border began.
He is noted to have initiated, strategized, directed, and developed the 1963 Birmingham Children's Crusade, the 1965 Selma Voting Rights Movement, and the 1966 Chicago Open Housing Movement.
This episode of the Order of Darkness relates to the period of the fascinating Children's Crusade and does not require to have read the first in the series.
During a stop in Piccolo they find themselves witness to the pilgrimage of the Children's Crusade, led by a charismatic Swiss goatherd.

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