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The beats don't get much faster than a tortoise but as something to chill-out it's a blissed out beauty.
At the Sefton Park site there was a chill-out zone with craft workshops and circus demonstrations - it would have been great to see a bit more of that up at the Pier Head.
Then it's time to catch up on all the good programmes we've recorded for the rest of the day, and have some real chill-out time.
The area will be designed with all the needs of the contemporary gentleman in mind, with Playstations, TVs, pool tables and a chill-out area to catch up on the latest newspapers and magazines.
If you're about to settle down to a 10-day festive break where you have little intention of doing anything other than vegetating on the sofa, a relaxing dose of Animal Crossing could complete the chill-out.
There is even a chill-out aromatherapy tent offering Indian head massages.
1-selling product, Chill-Out, is an all-natural aromatherapy blend of lavender, chamomile and marjoram that will ease your pup's anxieties within 20 seconds of misting the air around him.
Like The Orb on mogadon, this is a chill-out soundtrack complete with witty samples and top tunes.
By now, it has splintered into class-bound factions: on the one hand, hardcore techno's abrasive working-class intensity; on the other, the upscale, chill-out, peace vives of ambient and the "intelligent techno" of trance and progressive house.
The saccharine pop of Everyone's a VIP to Someone worked on various levels - it could easily nestle onto an Ibiza chill-out compilation or soundtrack an episode of Last Of The Summer Wine - a little idiosyncratic, but that's what The Go
WE see Sir Michael Caine is to release a compilation of his fave chill-out music - usually listened to by youngsters after a hard-night's clubbing - called Cained.
YOU know summer is round the corner when the chill-out albums emerge.