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(Placename) the Russian name for Shymkent



a city in S Kazakhstan. 397,600.
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The aircraft involved were a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-100B en route from Delhi to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and a Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin II-76 en route from Chimkent, Kazakhstan, to Delhi.
The Atyrau and Chimkent refineries process domestic crude oils.
China and Kazakhstan are also partners in oil ventures in the Central Asian country, with the China Exim Bank and Development Bank of Kazakhstan co-investing US$10 billion to modernize the oil refinery in Chimkent.
Seifi said that the Iranians living in Kazakhstan have already shown a strong and vibrant presence in Iran's 11th presidential election in the Kazakh cities of Astana, Almaty, Chimkent and Turkistan since polling centers opened in the Central Asian country at 8:00 am local time.
First responders raced to the scene, near the city of Chimkent.
Epidemiology and prophylaxis of hemorrhagic fever in Chimkent Oblast of southern Kazakhstan.
According to him, the Iranian delegation will also attend the inauguration ceremony of an Iranian commercial center in Chimkent city.
For cotton producers this reflects the active role of the gin-owners, and for other farmers the most likely reason is better market access: urban markets in Almaty, Bishkek, Chimkent, Taraz, or Tashkent are within 200 km of most southern farms.
The only towns that existed on the modern territory of Kazakhstan before the Russian conquest were Hazrat-e Turkestan, Taraz and Chimkent, all of which belonged to the Khanate of Kokand.
The Calgary-based company's trouble had begun in 1999 when a drawn-out dispute with the Chimkent refinery, the main local customer for its crude oil production, nearly bankrupted Hurricane.
The doctors in Chimkent, Kazakhstan, say the twin existed "like a parasite".
In September 1997, Kazhegeldin was implicated in a scandal over the privatisation of the Chimkent oil refinery.