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or Chi·mú  (chē-mo͞o′)
A civilization flourishing on the northern coast of Peru from about 1200 to its absorption by the Inca Empire around 1460, known especially for its well-planned cities such as its capital, Chan Chan.

[American Spanish Chimú.]
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Travelers will spend the next couple of days in Trujillo, touring the city and its colonial district, visiting the Archaeological Museum and the citadel of Chan Chan, the ancient capital of the 13th-century Chimu Empire and the finest example of pre-Inca architecture in the world.
The lively evening will include music by award-winning Namibian Afro-Jazz musician Erna Chimu and her band, followed by a silent auction, candlelight dinner, and a conservation awards ceremony.
La explotacion en todas las minas visitadas, a excepcion de la mina Chimu I de Black Hill Company, es artesanal (a pulso), siendo las herramientas comunes, pico, lampa, punta, comba, carretilla, etc.
throughout the Moche and Chimu eras, potatoes were celebrated in the form of finely worked ceremonial pots, or huacos.
Peru offers some of the world's best kept ruins including the remains of the Inca empire, Moche and Chimu cultures.
Tonetic, Penilane, Erna Chimu, Famaz Attack, Lize Ehlers, Essence and the Heritage Band, Percival Rinquest and Shemyetu are just some of the better known established bands performing, but the Windhoek programme also features a few surprise acts of upcoming groups and individuals.
En cuanto a la metalurgia, hasta la actualidad el Peru es admirado por sus restos de las culturas Chimu, Mochica y otras, donde los orfebres alcanzaron gran dominio del hierro, cobre, principalmente del oro, generando muchos materiales de indole domestico y ritual.
Other treasures here include a Chimu featherwork collar also from Peru, as well as a gold pectoral from ancient Ecuador and ceramics from Costa Rica.
Zone II covers an area of approximately 1 km2 and consists of disseminated pyrite in the silicified Chimu Formation sandstone.
Renowned songstress Erna Chimu will perform at the Bank Windhoek Music Circle at NICE Restaurant this Saturday.
Namibian Cultural Centre has been graced by the likes of Shishani, Erna Chimu and RUN N.
Among the singers are Erna Chimu, Adora, Ma// gaisa artist Lettie Nangolo, Sally, Avo, Johne', Esme', Blossom, and new artist on the block, Shivonne.