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or Chi·mú  (chē-mo͞o′)
A civilization flourishing on the northern coast of Peru from about 1200 to its absorption by the Inca Empire around 1460, known especially for its well-planned cities such as its capital, Chan Chan.

[American Spanish Chimú.]
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Peruvian archaeologists on Wednesday discovered the remains of nearly 250 children supposedly sacrificed by the pre-Columbian Chimu civilization.
In the latest quarterly report ending June 30, the company says it is close to finalising the Detailed Engineering Study for the Chimu Gold Plant for the expanded 120 tons per day approval and licensing process.
?Quien no observa en Chanchan, la metropoli Chimu, grandeza del senorio Chimor, entre los siglos XIII y XIV?
Many had their hearts removed as part of the grisly spiritual ceremony which happened at the height of the ancient Chimu civilisation in the 15th Century.
native 'islanders' NEED TO KNOW | CHIMU ADVENTURES (; 020 7403 8265) offers a 12-day land-based 'Highlights of Galapagos, Guayaquil and Quito' tour, starting from PS5,735 per person (two sharing).
My stay was organized by Chimu Adventures (, which arranged everything from airport transfers to a bicycle tour of the various districts.
Travelling in the rich archaeological regions of northern Peru, I visited several sites belonging to pre-Inca civilizations of the Moche, Sican, and Chimu. Specifically, I wanted to see the enormous adobe mud-brick pyramids known as the Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna.
It was a city that had been the capital of the Chimu Kingdom and pre-dated the Inca Empire.