China bean

See under Bean, 1.

See also: China

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In typical fashion, they uncover a little-known but telling fact--that early on, while he was serving his revolutionary apprenticeship under Mao in Paris, Dong also opened a restaurant, the China Bean Curd Shop, which became so successful that he was forced to expand both the menu and the seating space.
China bean product manufacturing Industry, 2010 is valuable for anyone who wants to invest in the bean product manufacturing industry, to get Chinese investments; to import into China or export from China, to build factories and take advantage of lower costs in China, to partner with one of the key Chinese corporations, to get market shares as China is boosting its domestic needs; to forecast the future of the world economy as China is leading the way; or to compete in the segment.
Black-eyed peas, known as pea beans or china beans, are probably natives of China that traveled to Africa on the Silk Route and were brought to the Western Hemisphere by slaves.
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