China root

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(Med.) the rootstock of a species of Smilax (Smilax China, from the East Indies; - formerly much esteemed for the purposes that sarsaparilla is now used for. Also the galanga root (from Alpinia Gallanga and Alpinia officinarum).

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For focus, Sleep assists restful sleep with valerian, licorice, hops, China root, anemarrhena and magnesium; Calcium + Vitamin D improves bone health and helps prevent osteoporosis; Chlorophyll duo negates the effects of pollutants, chemicals, free radicals and acidic diets; Grape Seed contains vitamin C, which supports skin health, pigmentation, microcirculation, collagen production and relieves leg swelling; and High Strength Cranberry supports urinary tract health and reduces frequency of recurrent urinary tract infections.
The case of the China Root, which was considered a valid remedy for syphilis, is emblematic, because Orta suggests a kind of preparation for sale.
Dioscorea villosa is also known as Wild Yam, Colic Root, Devil's Bones, China Root, Yuma, Hairy Yam and Rheumatism Root, and many of the 150 or so varieties found throughout the world are edible, like the potato.
In his Letter on the China Root (1546) Vesalius lamented the burden of negotiating with judges concerning time and mode of execution,(72) and there are clear indications that anatomists sometimes eliminated the middleman by carrying out capital sentences themselves.

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