China shop

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a shop or store for the sale of China ware or of crockery.

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References in classic literature ?
Like a bull in a china shop," he suggested, and won a smile.
His behavior in our drawing-room reminded me of a careful bull in a china shop.
International Villa, A Cook's Gallery and The China Shop are currently online; the remaining retailers will be added within six weeks.
He has sex like a teenager, basically, like a bull in a china shop - unless he's tired or a bit drunk.
That impression is certainly enhanced by Alexander's bull in a china shop routine, whereby he is letting everyone know that the time for meaningful negotiations is over because the government has already made up its mind.
Andrew Davis, director at the ETA, said: "With emissions five times worse than the greenest car, the Lamborghini is the bull in an environmental china shop.
DON'T discount the chances of Argentinian striker Fernando Cavenaghi - nicknamed the Little Bull in his homeland - running amok in Chelsea's china shop tonight.
Grant Wilson, Elgin, said: "Jean-Claude Darcheville just seems to run about like a bull in a china shop.
I decided to come here a bit like a bull in a china shop with no negative thoughts on anyone inside the club.
Then he should sort out Iraq and not charge at everyone at the same time like a bull in a china shop.
Instead of talking about the lofty American principles of advancement by merit, equality before the law and individual rights over group rights, the new Republican ad, like a bull in a china shop, harps on about Clinton opposing 187 as well as 209, and then goes on to play people's fears and disdain for racial ``quotas.
Freestanding novelties include China Shop, a plate print, and a selection of panel print duck designs.

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