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(ˈʃɪŋ kəˌtig, ˈtʃɪŋ-)

a town on a small island in a lagoon (Chin′coteague Bay′) in E Virginia: annual wild pony roundup. 1607.
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These days, he sets out a half-dozen to three-dozen Avian-X duck decoys of various species, depending upon the time of year and how much open water there is on the Eastern Shore of Virginia near Chincoteague Island.
One of the boats is the Assateague, while the remaining boats will be the Chincoteague and Wachapreague.
gov/centers/wallops/home) Wallops facility on Chincoteague Island, Virginia .
Public hunting for sika deer can also be found at Fishing Bay Wildlife Management Area, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge or Assateague Island at either the National Seashore State Park or Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the Virginia side of the island.
HQ-16 was the former USS Chincoteague, a seaplane tender of World War II vintage; the destroyer HQ-4 was the ex-USS Forster destroyer escort; the frigate HQ-5 was another former U.
Off Parksley's northeast coast is Chincoteague Island, where "the people with money" have summer homes; further east is Assateague Island, now a national park and home of the wild ponies.
Winter times, Dad sometimes shucked in the kitchen, a whole bushel of the world's best oysters fresh from the Chincoteague River.
I love to travel with my husband and so far we've spent time together in faraway places like Lihue and Amsterdam--and sometimes we stay closer to home and go camping in the Shenandoah or Chincoteague Island.
Near the southern end of the seashore opposite Chincoteague, Virginia, is a wildlife refuge managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).
Date banded Banding location Age at banding (1) 13 October 1976 Cape May, New Jersey HY 1 October 1980 Cape Charles, Virginia HY 5 October 1982 Chincoteague Is.
Epizootiology of Minchinia costalis and Minchinia nelsoni in oysters introduced into Chincoteague Bay, Virginia.
Chincoteague NWR in Virginia and Prime Hook NWR in Delaware both host translocated Delmarva fox squirrel populations.