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(ˈʃɪŋ kəˌtig, ˈtʃɪŋ-)

a town on a small island in a lagoon (Chin′coteague Bay′) in E Virginia: annual wild pony roundup. 1607.
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White lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and spends her weekends on Chincoteague Bay in Virginia.
He's on the east coast of America in Virginia, where he attends a world-famous event in the quiet backwater of Chincoteague.
He's on the East coast of America in Virginia, where he attends a unique world-famous event on the quiet backwater of Chincoteague.
Later he heads to Sapelo, where horse lover Martin is thrilled to witness the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim, in which around 50 wild ponies swim between islands.
Later, he travels north to the Sea Islands along the coast of Georgia and the Carolinas, explores part of the 200-mile string of barrier islands of the Outer Banks, and visits Chincoteague island for the annual pony swim.
Martin, who lives in Dorset, where he runs a farm with heavy horses, had visitors while filming - his wife and daughter, Emily, 20, joined him in Virginia for the annual Chincoteague Island Pony Swim.
Chincoteague, Virginia, or the mountains of North Carolina, but there needs to be a really large lake nearby.
Synopsis: NASA rocket explosions and a series of unsolved murders disrupt the idyllic calm of Chincoteague Island, a quiet barrier island on Virginia's east coast better known for its annual pony swim.
THE WILD PONIES of Chincoteague, Virginia, are quite different from the calm, tame horses in Degas's meadow.
These days, he sets out a half-dozen to three-dozen Avian-X duck decoys of various species, depending upon the time of year and how much open water there is on the Eastern Shore of Virginia near Chincoteague Island.
One of the boats is the Assateague, while the remaining boats will be the Chincoteague and Wachapreague.