Chinese Shan

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Noun1.Chinese Shan - a branch of the Tai languages
Tai - the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
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Some of the art work includes Chinese Calligraphy, a book: The art of Chinese seal script, Chinese Shan Shui Painting, Color ceramic bowl, Paper cuttings.
Charly Suarez seized a spot in the 2016 Rio Olympics in emphatic fashion after scoring a a sweet technical knockout over Chinese Shan Jun in the semifinals of their lightweight division tussle of the Asia/Oceania Qualifying Tournament Thursday in China.
But, dually informed by forays into the woods and sketching treks across LA's Griffith Park (both before and after 2007's devastating brush fire), Picot constructed these works as if a graceful bricoleur engaged in a game of exquisite corpse with himself, drawing from a grab bag full of eclectic tricks--his sources spanning early modernism, westward-ho nineteenth-century American landscape painting, the Italian quattrocento, Chinese Shan Shut (as well as more abstract, gestural, and calligraphic variants of Asian ink-and-brush painting), midcentury gestural abstraction, and are reminiscent of the oddball drawing practices of H.

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