Chinese Wall

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Chinese wall

A barrier to communication, understanding, or action: "still believe a Chinese wall can exist between public and private selves" (Gail Sheehy).

[After the Great Wall of China.]
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Chinese wall

1. (Stock Exchange) a notional barrier between the parts of a business, esp between the market makers and brokers of a stock-exchange business, across which no information should pass to the detriment of clients
2. an insurmountable obstacle
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Chi′nese Wall′

2. an insuperable barrier or obstacle, as to understanding.
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Noun1.Chinese Wall - a fortification 1,500 miles long built across northern China in the 3rd century BCChinese Wall - a fortification 1,500 miles long built across northern China in the 3rd century BC; it averages 6 meters in width
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
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As to Mr Verloc, his intense meditation, like a sort of Chinese wall, isolated him completely from the phenomena of this world of vain effort and illusory appearances.
The cheap prices of its commodities are the heavy artillery with which it batters down all Chinese walls, with which it forces the barbarians' intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate.
Civilizationalists also use cultural relativism to justify their tight control of the Internet that ranges from blocking websites to creating a Chinese wall between national networks and the worldwide web.
"We see populism on the rise, we see a polarising atmosphere and a polarising state of affairs....Ever since the Roman Empire, ever since the Chinese Wall, we know that shutting ourselves off doesn't help."
For the second straight game, the Filipinos struggled to find their groove, this time against the Chinese wall.
For example, no personally identifiable information should be shared outside of your organization if you are a buyer of the end solution, and if you are using these third parties in your speech-enabled solution, you should create an additional Chinese wall to protect end users in case your customers haven't fully disassociated PII from speech processing.
For example, the data owner may release two data objects (a data object refers to an encryption data unit in CP-ABE scenario, e.g., a file, a message) [M.sub.company_A] and [M.sub.company_B] to the cloud, to which the Chinese Wall security policy [11] should be applied, as company_A and company_B are competitors.
The County Hall site is not suitable for housing or commercial developments, and I, for one, have no faith in the Chinese wall erected by the council.
"But for other publishers in fashion, beauty or entertainment, there is not much of a Chinese wall to begin with."
We should draw a border, but not a Chinese wall. Israel and Palestine would be independent states in a confederation, each with its parliament and government, but also with joint institutions for mutual issues like water, infrastructure, the environment, the police and emergency services.

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