Chinese celery

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Noun1.Chinese celery - elongated head of crisp celery-like stalks and light green leaves
cabbage, chou - any of various types of cabbage
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Also try Gobi Manchurian, which is cauliflower stir fried in an Indo Chinese celery flavoured sauce.
A lot of the confusion comes from the names American growers have given some of the commercial standards, like Chinese cabbage and Chinese celery. The Chinese cabbage that most of us are familiar with has a cylindrical shape and yellow-green leaves which are tightly formed to make a head that is almost white inside.
Chef David Waltuck's distaste for the vegetable is well-known in the industry, and although he admits to liking Chinese celery leaves and celery root, he sees no need for the ribs when building bases for stocks, soups or sauces.

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