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Noun1.Chinese mushroom - small tropical and subtropical edible mushroom having a white cap and long stem; an expensive delicacy in China and other Asian countries where it is grown commercially
agaric - a saprophytic fungus of the order Agaricales having an umbrellalike cap with gills on the underside
genus Volvariella, Volvariella - an important genus of mushrooms in the Orient
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Commercial cultivation of its different kinds including shell like mushroom, button like or European mushroom, Chinese mushroom or Shah Baloot kind mushroom, is considered suitable on cotton waste.
Washington, Oct 12 (ANI): Researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University have found that a poisonous Chinese mushroom may boost the effectiveness of some cancer drugs.
Tilda has added two exciting new varieties; Brown Basmati and Chinese Mushroom Basmati, to its existing Tilda Rizazz range of two-minute microwaveable rice.
Keywords: Chinese mushroom extracts; Cat's claw C-Med-100 extract; Nutritional additive/synergistic efficacy; Weight loss
Chinese - go for soups such as chinese mushroom, vegetable or sweetcorn.
"Hi-Fashion Press-On Nails FOR YOUNG GLAMOUR GIRLS," Big League Chew, Chinese Mushroom Candy (whatever the heck that is), a rawhide dog bone, Elvis bubblegum cards, an "OFFICIAL GUAC BALL" ("Remove your GUAC BALL from its poly bag and inflate with your face until tight and round.
These ones were good--very flavourful, with delicate wrappers and well-seasoned pork, shrimp, and Chinese mushroom filling.
These ones were good very flavourful, with delicate wrappers and well-seasoned pork, shrimp, and Chinese mushroom filling.
The Chinese mushroom salad was also pretty tasty, although the general opinion at the table suggests this would be a dish best served hot.
But Murray's spring rolls - featuring carrot, Chinese mushroom and the root vegetable taro - were said to be ordinary.
A variation of this system is practiced on Chinese mushroom farms.

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