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Magnifying this point, a spokesman for the Chinese Paper Association presented statistical information showing that the growth in newsprint production in China was far outpacing other regions of the world.
The Chinese paper named the European Union (EU), Japan and the U.
Chinese paper market is comparative sealed, which determines the demands affected by the domestic economy.
Other events include a Chinese paper cuts exhibition and a calligraphy demonstration at the North East Chinese Association on Stowell Street, between 10am and 4pm.
Ming Chung Liu, Deputy Chairman and General Manager for Nine Dragons, recently answered several questions about where the Chinese paper industry and Nine Dragons specifically expects to be over the next several years.
Capital investment of more than US$ 40 billion is expected in the Chinese paper industry from 2000-2010.
NASDAQ: CPGI)(the "Company"), a leading Chinese paper packaging manufacturer, today announced that its wholly operating subsidiary, Jiangsu Shuangsheng Paper Technology Development Co.
The new office in this region, one of the most important paper industry areas in China, was opened to strengthen Metso Paper's customer service for the Chinese paper and board industry.
We expect the Chinese paper industry to continue to invest in some of the most technically-advanced paper making equipment in the world and thus, increase demand for our advanced roll covers technology and value-added services.
NASDAQ: CPGI), ("China Shengda Packaging" or the "Company"), a leading Chinese paper packaging manufacturer, today announced that its Board of Directors (the "Board") has voted unanimously to dissolve the special committee of its independent directors formed on October 15, 2012 to evaluate the preliminary, non-binding "going private" proposal received from its Chairman, Mr.

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