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 (shĭ-no͝ok′ən, chĭ-)
A North American Indian language family of Washington and Oregon.

Chi·nook′an adj.
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Noun1.Chinookan - a Penutian language spoken by the Chinook
Penutian - a family of Amerindian language spoken in the great interior valley of California
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Grey Trees Brewery Chinookan VPA, 4.3% ABV, available on draught at the National Tap, Cross Street, Aberdare GREY Trees Brewery recently opened their own tap room, the National Tap, in the former National School building in the centre of Aberdare.
Anti-Objects, or Space Without Path or Boundary (2016) surveys two architectural structures: the Cathlapotle Plankhouse in Ridgefield, Washington, a cultural center named for the Chinookan town that once existed there, and the Tilikum Crossing, a cable-stayed bridge in Portland, Oregon, that takes its name from the word for "people" in Chinuk Wawa, the Chinookan creole.
Most of the tribal groups he identified in the Pacific Northwest - Yakima, Klickitat, interior and coastal Salishan, Kutenai, Nez Perce, Wallawalla, Umatilla, Cayuse, Chinookan, Chimakum, Quilliute and Willapa - occupy volumes 7 through 9.
With features somehow both ursine and human--pecked into basalt, nobody knows when--the face is mentioned in a tale that Chinookan speaking people used to tell about one time when Coyote--the flakey and distractible creator of our world--came walking down the river.
The newfound knowledge from traveling connects Jessica more profoundly with her Chinookan ancestors and beckons her back home to the shores of Willapa Bay, where she rediscovers the resilience within her ancestral line to overcome what has kept her from passing on her lineage.
While the effects of the epidemic were felt throughout the lower Columbia and Willamette valleys, as well as river valleys as far south as the San Joaquin valley in northern California, the greatest devastation was inflicted on the Middle Chinookan populations of the Portland Basin.
Lower Columbia River, among the Chinookan tribes, the aboriginal
The Chinookan and Clatsop peoples, on the other hand, had canoes that were built to withstand the local conditions, and they were able to row directly across the mouth of the river."
HULLLOOELLELL (either a Chinookan or a Salishan tribe--Hod) has 7 Ls.
Balch and other chroniclers wrote down "Multnomah" as his name after listening to Columbia River Valley elders, but in the Chinookan language of Kiksht, malnumax probably means "those towards the water" or "those closer to the Columbia River" so malnumax describes a people.
is a Kiksht Chinookan who is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs in north-central Oregon.
After his Filipino father drowned fishing the rapids and his mother died soon after, he was raised by his Eastern Chinookan grandparents.