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Either of two white shorebirds (Chionia alba or C. minor) of Antarctic regions that resemble pigeons and have a horny covering on the base of the bill.


(Animals) either of two pigeon-like shore birds, Chionis alba or C. minor, of antarctic and subantarctic regions, constituting the family Chionididae: order Charadriiformes. They have a white plumage and a horny sheath at the base of the bill



either of two white, pigeonlike shorebirds, Chionis alba or C. minor, of the Antarctic, having a horny sheath covering the base of the short bill.
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A bird of another closely allied genus, Chionis alba, is an inhabitant of the antarctic regions; it feeds on sea-weed and shells on the tidal rocks.
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A first case of female-female pairing in the Black-faced Sheathbill Chionis minor.
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