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 (kī′ŏs′, -ōs′, kē′-, KHē′ôs)
An island of Greece in the Aegean Sea off the western coast of Turkey. It was noted in antiquity for its school of epic poets.


(ˈkiːɒs; -əʊs)
1. (Placename) an island in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Turkey: belongs to Greece. Capital: Chios. Pop: 51 936 (2001). Area: 904 sq km (353 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a port on the island of Chios: in ancient times, one of the 12 Ionian city-states. Pop (municipality): 25 671 (2001).
Modern Greek name: Khíos


(ˈkaɪ ɒs, -oʊs, ˈki-)

a Greek island in the Aegean, near the W coast of Turkey. 53,942; 322 sq. mi. (834 sq. km).
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Noun1.Chios - an island in the Aegean Sea off the west coast of TurkeyChios - an island in the Aegean Sea off the west coast of Turkey; belongs to Greece
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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