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or particle board  (pär′tĭ-kəl-bôrd′)
A structural material made of wood fragments, such as chips or shavings, that are mechanically pressed into sheet form and bonded together with resin.
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particle board



(Building) another name for chipboard
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par′ticle board`

any of various composition boards formed from small particles of wood, as flakes, bonded with a resin.
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Noun1.particle board - wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets
Masonite - a type of fiberboard
dry wall, drywall, wallboard - a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions; made from plaster or wood pulp or other materials and used primarily to form the interior walls of houses
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The industrial units not only dispose of poisonous waste into running water but steel rerolling mills, chip board and cement factories emit high density greenhouse gases that cause air pollution.
A visitor, who could not remained unimpressed by beautiful fragrance of red roses and flowers during current spring season in Peshawar, inhales growing thick smoke being emitted by hundreds of thousands of vehicles, brick-kilns, marble and chip board factories, hospitals waste's burning and construction works, which could be seen even with a naked eye.
W.O, Golra, Chairing Cross, P and T feeders, 09:00am to 05:00pm, CMH Jhelum (Exempted), F-1 (F.T.M), F-5 (Jada), F-3 (Gul Afshan), Pak Tambaco Co., COD Kala, Langerpur, Zubair Shaheed, F-6 Machine Moh, F-8 Civil Line, Akram Shaheed, F-7 (Katchery), Ajmal Shaheed, Sanghi, Nathwala, Safdar Shaheed, F-13 (Garmala), Sana Ullah Shaheed, F-10 (Kala Base), F-9 (Chak Daulat), Pakhwal, F-2 (Chip board), Jakkar, Barrian, Abbas Pura, Industrial, Domeli, Bhagwal, Padial, Hasnote feeders and surrounding areas.
"We finally came to a conclusion that using multiple single chip board computers can prove to be a feasible recourse.
Environment secretary Nazar Hussain Shah submitted a report to the court revealing that the province had seven cement plants, 25 steel furnaces, 675 stone crushing plants, 881 brick kilns, six sugar mills and 14 chip board units.
The imports of wood chip board grew by 68.4%, oil products grew by 66.9%, poultry meat and byproducts increased by 45.2%, chocolate and other products grew by 8.1%.
Plywood and chip board panels (known as OSB) are the most commonly used materials for this purpose.
The modular design LED chip board comes in a simplistic design which is as thin as 35mm to fit into the ceiling with matching multi-deco styles to go with any kind of interiors.
For three to four years, it was saying that chip board production was not a priority field and was not invested in," said the analyst.
In recent years, composite wood materials like chip board, molding and veneer have gotten more consideration then solid wood, as a consequence of change in building design and defensive practice.
The various types of paperboard are white board, solid board, chip board, and fiber board.
This rugged inventiveness continues throughout: An upstairs food-service area features long fluorescent fights (painted with gel to tone down the harsh glare), and the bathroom ceiling is covered in stained chip board to add warmth to the space.