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Of or relating to an 18th-century English style of furniture characterized by flowing lines and often rococo ornamentation.

[After Thomas Chippendale.]


(Biography) Thomas. ?1718–79, English cabinet-maker and furniture designer
(Furniture) (of furniture) designed by, made by, or in the style of Thomas Chippendale, characterized by the use of Chinese and Gothic motifs, cabriole legs, and massive carving


(ˈtʃɪp ənˌdeɪl)

1. Thomas, 1718?–79, English cabinetmaker and furniture designer.
2. of or in the style of furniture of Thomas Chippendale, characterized by curved lines, carving, and elements from Gothic, Chinese, and French sources.


An elegant and ornate mid eighteenth-century English style developed by Thomas Chippendale.
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Noun1.Chippendale - a British cabinetmaker remembered for his graceful designs (especially of chairs) which influenced his contemporaries (1718-1779)Chippendale - a British cabinetmaker remembered for his graceful designs (especially of chairs) which influenced his contemporaries (1718-1779)
Adj.1.Chippendale - of or relating to an 18th-century style of furniture made by Thomas Chippendale; graceful outlines and Greek motifs and massive rococo carvings


adjChippendale-; Chippendale chairChippendalestuhl m
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The Lannings survived only in the person of two very old but lively Miss Lannings, who lived cheerfully and reminiscently among family portraits and Chippendale; the Dagonets were a considerable clan, allied to the best names in Baltimore and Philadelphia; but the van der Luydens, who stood above all of them, had faded into a kind of super-terrestrial twilight, from which only two figures impressively emerged; those of Mr.
Slowly he threaded his way amongst the elegant Louis Quinze furniture, examining as though for the first time the beautiful old tapestry, the Sevres china, the Chippendale table, which was priceless, the exquisite portraits painted by Greuze, and the mysterious green twilights and grey dawns of Corot.
There isn't a lock to the Chippendale that you couldn't pick with a penknife, and not a loose board in the floor, for I was treading for one before the boy left us.
There is a Chippendale chair further back in the room between her and the window nearest her side.
The Colonel brings the Chippendale chair a little forward between Mrs.
The blue and purple and white of the bowl, standing in a pool of variegated light on a polished Chippendale table in the drawing-room window, made her stop dead with an exclamation of pleasure.
REVIEW Caitlin Moran Live: How To Build A Girl ALEXANDRA THEATRE, BIRMINGHAM "SHE'S a bit like the Chippendales," quipped my friend Peter at the end of this show.
The trip comes on the heels of a US concert tour that gave me the most memorable experience of hanging out with the Chippendales.
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The city's answer to the Chippendales - five retired and working National Express Coventry bus drivers - are braced to perform their version of The Full Monty for Comic Relief.
Curve music bloggers Melany Joy Beck and Janelle Sorenson never miss a chance to catch up with this fiery-haired and sexually-fluid musician who spills the tea on her new EP We Could Fall in Love and touring as a DJ for the Chippendales (yes, those Chippendales).
But because we are playing amateurs trying to be Chippendales, malfunctions might actually make the whole thing funny and more realistic," Garry says.