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 (shē-räk′), Jacques René Born 1932.
French politician who served as president (1995-2007) and previously as mayor of Paris (1977-1995) and prime minister (1974-1976 and 1986-1988). He was a strong champion of the European Union and opposed the US-led invasion (2003) of Iraq.


(French ʃirak)
(Biography) Jacques (René) (ʒɑk). born 1932, French Gaullist politician: president of France (1995–2007); prime minister (1974–76 and 1986–88); mayor of Paris (1977–95)


Jacques (René), born 1932, prime minister of France 1974–76, 1986–88; president since 1995.
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Former French President Jacques Chirac was repatriated from Morocco on Sunday and taken to hospital to be treated for an acute lung infection, his son in law told AFP.
Mais Chirac votera Hollande L'ancien president Jacques Chirac entend selon un de ses proches voter pour le candidat socialiste Francois Hollande a l'election presidentielle, une affirmation dont doute Nicolas Sarkozy.
Jacques Chirac will enter French history as the one who dared oppose the American decision to send French troops in the war against Iraq.
FORMER French president Jacques Chirac has been found guilty of embezzling public funds in a trial over illegal financing of the conservative party he once led.
A judge declared French former president Jacques Chirac guilty on Thursday of misusing public funds, in a political graft trial that made history by producing the first conviction of a head of state since Nazi collaborator Marshal Philippe Petain in 1945.
Summary: Former French president Jacques Chirac has been found guilty of misusing public funds and handed a two-year suspended sentence.
A French court has convicted 79-year-old former President Jacques Chirac of is accused of embezzling public funds in the 1990s, and abusing public confidence and given him a two-year suspended prison sentence.
Summary: Former French President Jacques Chirac and his Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin have denied accusations by a one-time aide that they took millions of dollars in illicit cash handouts from African leaders.
Paris, Sept 12 (ANI): Former French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, received suitcases stuffed with millions of francs on a regular basis from some African leaders, it has emerged.
Chirac, who became France s best loved politician after leaving office in 2007, is accused of using public funds to pay people working for his party ahead of his successful 1995 bid for the presidency.
PARIS, Rajab 10, 1432, Jun 12, 2011, SPA -- French former president Jacques Chirac backtracked on Sunday after saying he would switch sides to vote for a left-winger in next year's election, according to Reuters.