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A mathematical object associated with group representations, often used in theoretical physics to model certain topological properties of space. Spinors resemble vectors but change sign (that is, they are multiplied by -1) when rotated 360 degrees.

[spin + -or (on the model of tensor vector).]
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(General Physics) physics a type of mathematical object
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In contrast to this, a chiral fermion contains a Weyl fermion without its conjugate representation partner.
The chiral fermion Hamiltonian operates in space of the two-component eigenfunction, [psi], where Dirac eigenvalue differential equation is given by [14, 15]:
As it was shown in [51-53] (see also more recent papers [54, 55]), Lagrangian (10) in the limit [m.sub.Q] [right arrow] 0, [g.sub.W] [right arrow] 0 has a global SU(4) symmetry corresponding to rotations in the space of the four initial chiral fermion fields.
The author has organized the main body of his text in eleven chapters devoted to chiral fermions in graphene, the intrinsic coherence of graphene, quantized states in graphene ribbons, phonons and raman scattering in graphene, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Here first of all we demonstrate how to incorporate spin as well as internal symmetries for both fermions and gauge bosons for general SO(n) gauge groups (see [31,32] for related work) and we specialize to the case of S0(10) for the chiral fermions of the SM, for the 16 fermions of the SM in a single generation transform as a spinorial representation of S0(10), upon including a right-handed antineutrino (see [33, 34] for related work).