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Noun1.Chironomus - type genus of the Chironomidae
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
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Morphometry of the antennae, mandibles, mentum, and ventromental plates was used to discriminate among the 4 instars of Chironomus sancticaroli Strixino & Strixino (Diptera: Chironomidae) (Richardi et al.
Genes involved in cysteine metabolism of Chironomus tepperi are regulated differently by copper and by cadmium.
Aquatic larvae of dipterous genera, such as Aedes and Chironomus, have developed anal papillae that absorb sodium and chloride ions into the hemolymph (Stobbart 1960; Wright 1975).
Chronic toxicity of copper to a partial life-cycle of the midge, Chironomus decorus.
The Chironomus and Goeldichironomus densities exhibited a high tolerance to biological and environmental variables measured throughout the experiment according CCA (Figure 3).
Acute toxicity of copper to three life stages of Chironomus tentans as affected by water hardness- alkalinity.