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n.1.One who chirps, or is cheerful.
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After the chaos, my family spent the rest of the day hanging ornaments passed down through generations while a plug-in bird chirper cackled pitifully in the background.
When an Australian with more life assurance than sense once dared to sledge King Viv from short leg, on his home island of Antigua, Richards strode into the dressing-room to confront the chirper as if he owned the place.
A two-inch in diameter hole in the front of the pouch allows flashing lights to be seen and an earsplitting chirper or alarm to be heard at the parents' discretion.
England's own happy chirper will be full of encouragement for his bowlers and fielders from behind the stumps.
The initial crop of engines offer contrasting motoring, the smaller one providing only workmanlike performance that wouldn't exactly get the chirper twitching.
Soprano Kristin Mueller-Heaslip is known as a purveyor of new music, and while her clear, pure sound would probably work very well in the avant-garde, in bel canto she is a chirper.