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 (chĭz′əm), Shirley Anita Saint Hill 1924-2005.
American politician who as a US representative from New York State (1969-1983) sought an end to the Vietnam War and advocated educational and social reforms.


(ˈtʃɪz əm)

Shirley (Anita St. Hill), born 1924, first black woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives 1969–83.
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But the man, for purposes of robbery, had slain an entire family--the postmaster, his wife, and their three children, in the upstairs over the post office in the mountain village of Chisholm.
He was not in pursuit of the man who had slain the postmaster of Chisholm and his family.
MUNSTER have snapped up veteran Aussie Mark Chisholm as Toulonbound Paul O'Connell's replacement.
Hart's Linda Chisholm gathered similar thoughts in her short time on the job.
Mr Chisholm, 57, added it was "not tenable for me to continue as one of your ministers.
In his warped mind, Chisholm perhaps assumed his victim was easy prey for a bit of aggressive, racist bullying.
Brock Chisholm was a realist, and he firmly believed that overpopulation was a threat - a security threat, if you will - to all the nations of the world.
Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef ranch hands will be on hand sharing Texas-raised samples straight from the grill.
Chisholm has said that he has no specific plans for the future but wants to continue to help younger people in the business learn from the group's experiences.
Ex-Strathclyde Police detective Iain Chisholm was arrested by customs officers at Dover docks in January.
Ex-Strathclyde Police detective Iain Chisholm and business partner Mark Kirby were nabbed by Customs officers at Dover.
Chisholm now faces the elegant British professional, Nick Wood, for a place in the final and a likely meeting with world champion Robert Fahey.