a.1.Having a large admixture of small pebbles or gravel; - said of a soil.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Shanice Chisley, Hicks' daughter, told Fox5 that "all hell broke loose" when the goblet, called a chalice, was knocked over.
"He literally got on the mic and said: 'There will be no funeral, no Mass, no repast [funeral reception], everyone get the hell out of my church.' He was disrespectful," Chisley said of Briese.
Caption: NC A&T State accounting graduate DeSean Jordan (left) conducts an interview with student Charles Chisley IV.
Local NAACP president Otis Chisley told CBS he reached out to Moffitt's family and noted that hate crimes associated with the KKK still happen in Louisiana.
"It's prevalent throughout Louisiana," Chisley said.
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--Jose Barr, Michelle Chisley, Donna Deutsch, Esequiel Felix, Kevin Jones, Elizabeth Powell, Manuel Vega
Born a slave in Missouri in 1854, the second of three children of Martha Chisley Tolton and Peter Paul Tolton, both slaves and both Catholics, he escaped from slavery with his mother, sister, and brother during the Civil War.
Less than three weeks later, 23-year-old Bryson Chisley was stabbed repeatedly while one of Davis' assailants--who had not been separated from other inmates--held him down.