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 (chə-kä′ləf, chkä′-)


(Russian ˈtʃkaləf)
(Placename) the former name (1938–57) of Orenburg


(ˈɔr ənˌbɜrg, ˈoʊr-)

a city in the SW Russian Federation in Asia, on the Ural River. 547,000. Formerly, Chkalov.
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Answers to the trivia questions on page 58: (1) In 1937, Chkalov made the first flight from Russia via the North Pole to the western U.
Chkalov Sergei Smirnov, director of Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association, the government-owned company that manufactures the aircraft.
No es de extranar que desde su inauguracion, el Club Chkalov ofreciera oportunidades extracurriculares parecidas a las de los internados.
Next morning, we have a quick run around the 15th century Kremlin ( it's Russian for ' fortress' and every main city has one) and soak in the awe- inspiring view of the Volga river from the top of the Chkalov stairs.
In 1961-66, Karimov was a leading engineer-constructor at the Chkalov Tashkent aviation production complex.
The Spanish Centers predecessor, Moscow's Chkalov Club, was established in 1946 and named for the famed Soviet aviator.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tests of Russia's fifth-generation T-50 fighter jets in the Chkalov state flight test center in Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan Region in South Russia may start in July, Air Force Commander Lt.
And, of course, Valery Chkalov and two other Soviet aviators landed here on June 20, 1937, after a 63-hour flight over the top of the world.
On 5 December 1943, it was resolved that "the [NKVD] Chkalov Brigade should commence the cleansing of the area of the White Polish band.
In 1986, Gorbachev, anxious to gain credibility as a reformer, informed Sakharov and Bonner that they could return to their small apartment on Chkalov Street.
It is not masculinization tout court, but a growing insistence in the 1930s on a kind of gender consistency--manly men, perky girls--that more adequately accounts for a shift that produces such epic figures as Chapaev and Chkalov, on the one hand, and, on the other, the necessary but bitter-sweet domestication of Marianna Bazhan (Tractor Drivers).