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 (chə-kä′ləf, chkä′-)


(Russian ˈtʃkaləf)
(Placename) the former name (1938–57) of Orenburg


(ˈɔr ənˌbɜrg, ˈoʊr-)

a city in the SW Russian Federation in Asia, on the Ural River. 547,000. Formerly, Chkalov.
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The best yurts incuded the yurts of Leninskiy district of Bishkek, Sverdlovskiy district of Bishkek, main yurt of Naryn town, Sary-Ozon yurt, yurt of Batken district, Zapar Koomu yurt, yurt of Bishkek mayor's office, yurt of Suzak, yurt of Osh water company, yurt of Chkalov village.
Nizhny's famous Chkalov Stairs were built in honour of Valery Chkalov, a hero Soviet Union pilot who was born in the region, and connect the fashionable lower embankment of the Volga with the impressive hilltop Kremlin.Omnisport's reporter chose a particularly warm day to climb down and up the stairs in quick succession, which made the ordeal a little more arduous than perhaps it could have been.
Answers to the trivia questions on page 58: (1) In 1937, Chkalov made the first flight from Russia via the North Pole to the western U.S.
The IL 114-100 has been manufactured by Tashkent aircraft builders and designed by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex in conjunction with the Chkalov aviation production group based in Tashkent.
It tells many individual human stories besides documenting the epic Soviet polar expeditions of the time and relating how the heroes - Shmidt, Chkalov, Papanin the most famous - became universally worshipped through the Soviet Union (and sometimes beyond), usefully serving the needs of propaganda and socialist realism.