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(ˈklɔːrələʊz; ˈklɔːrələʊs)
(Chemistry) an anaesthetic and sedative composed of chloral and glucose, also used as a preparation to kill birds and rodents


(ˈklɔr əˌloʊs, ˈkloʊr-)

a crystalline compound, C8H11Cl3O6, used as an animal anesthetic.
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A review of lab animal anesthesia with chloral hydrate and chloralose.
And a search of an unlocked shed in the grounds of Whitefield's keeper's cottage revealed a bucket and coffee jar containing Chloralose, a deadly poison that kills birds by shutting down their nervous systems.
In 2004, Perthshire gamekeeper David Stewart was fined pounds 1,200 for possessing the poison chloralose, often used to kill golden eagles, kestrels and buzzards.