Chloris truncata

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Noun1.Chloris truncata - perennial Australian grass having numerous long spikes arranged like the vanes of a windmill
finger grass - any grass of the genus Chloris; occurs in short grassland especially on waste ground or poor soils
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This research aims to determine the impacts of utilising ST for the purpose of controlling weeds such as flaxleaf fleabane, feathertop Rhodes, windmill grass (Chloris truncata) and barnyard grass (Echinochloa crus-galli) on physical, chemical and biological soil properties and productivity in otherwise NT systems.
Also of Australian provenance, Chloris truncata has widely been deliberately introduced as a pasture species.
Short-lived, summer-active native grasses, such as Chloris truncata (windmill grass), may be an attractive alternative to perennial leguminous pastures in some circumstances.