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Any of a group of halocarbon compounds in which the halogen is chlorine.


(ˌklɔr əˈkɑr bən, ˌkloʊr-)

a chemical compound containing carbon and chlorine, as carbon tetrachloride, or containing carbon, chlorine, and hydrogen, as chloroform.
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Global warming results in the production of several air pollutants like methane, hydro chlorocarbons, carbon dioxide; while fire causes particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ozone and sulphur oxides.
Ren, "Emissions of trace gases from Chinese rice fields and biogas generators: C[H.sub.4], [N.sub.2]O, CO, C[O.sub.2] chlorocarbons, and hydrocarbons," Chemosphere, vol.
They also noted a potential market for carbon dioxide in dry cleaning, where it could replace harmful chlorocarbons, and as a refrigerant to replace materials more than 1,000 times as potent as greenhouse gases.