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Noun1.Chlorococcales - unicellular green algae that reproduce by spores
protoctist order - the order of protoctists
Chlorophyceae, class Chlorophyceae - algae distinguished chiefly by having flagella and a clear green color, their chlorophyll being masked little if at all by other pigments
Chlorococcum, genus Chlorococcum - type genus of Chlorococcales; unicellular green algae occurring singly or in a layer on soil or damp rock
genus Chlorella - nonmotile unicellular green algae potentially important as source of high-grade protein and B-complex vitamins
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eremi (Chantanachat, S and Bold, H.C), is a multicellular representative of Chlorococcales under the light microscope and with the help of algal manuals.
Lasteliu ilgis -40-68 [micro]m, plotis apie 2 um (Chlorophyceae: Chlorococcales...
Chen, "Immobilized microalga Scenedesmus quadricauda (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) for long-term storage and for application for water quality control in fish culture," Aquaculture, vol.
Mytilus edulis chilensis infested with Coccomyxa parasitica (Chlorococcales, Coccomyxaceae).
However, Chellappa and Costa (2003) found that the introduction of intensive fish farming in the Gargalheiras reservoir in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (Northeastern Brazil), previously dominated by cyanobacteria, provided favorable conditions for the dominance of species of Chlorophyceae, especially Chlorococcales.
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