a.1.(Chem.) See Platinichloric.
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PDMS (vinyl group content of 10 mol% and a number-average molecular weight of 500,000 g/mol) and a chloroplatinic acid solution (as a catalyst) were obtained from the Research Center of Organic Silicone of Chengdu, China.
For the cross-linking reactions, addition reactions between silicon-hydrogen and vinyl group are carried out among the SR-FVI, the PDMS, and the HSO under the catalytic effect of chloroplatinic acid.
These oligomers are double-bond-functional silicones which become polymerized by free radicals from chloroplatinic acid.
The most common platinum catalyst is chloroplatinic acid (Speier's catalyst) which is reduced to a platinum (0) species in the presence of a silane or siloxane.
interior trim, Diversity** including headliners, overhead consoles, visors, electronics, and headliner modules Johnson Matthey West Deptford, Chloroplatinic Superior Delivery NJ Acid and & Rhodium Quality Chloride solutions Lear Corporation Southfield, MI Interior Superior Supplier plastic Diversity** components Nova Chemicals, Inc.
The chloroplatinic acid-catalyzed reaction of 1-tecradecene with a polysiloxane prepolymer was studied to discover optimal reaction conditions and determine the kinetics of the reaction.
The catalyst is a solubilized platinum complex of chloroplatinic acid or alternatively a peroxide.
In the presence of chloroplatinic acid, the hydrosilation reaction takes place between the two groups: