a.1.(Chem.) See Platinichloric.
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Tenders invited for Supply of Chloroplatinic acid hexahydrate
The catalyst paste contains vinyl-terminated poly (dimethylsiloxane) and a catalyst such as chloroplatinic acid.
Platinum-based homogeneous strong acids like chloroplatinic acid (Karstedt acid) are typically used here and the cures can either be at ambient or higher temperatures.
PDMS (vinyl group content of 10 mol% and a number-average molecular weight of 500,000 g/mol) and a chloroplatinic acid solution (as a catalyst) were obtained from the Research Center of Organic Silicone of Chengdu, China.
For the cross-linking reactions, addition reactions between silicon-hydrogen and vinyl group are carried out among the SR-FVI, the PDMS, and the HSO under the catalytic effect of chloroplatinic acid.
These oligomers are double-bond-functional silicones which become polymerized by free radicals from chloroplatinic acid.
The most common platinum catalyst is chloroplatinic acid (Speier's catalyst) which is reduced to a platinum (0) species in the presence of a silane or siloxane.
The chloroplatinic acid-catalyzed reaction of 1-tecradecene with a polysiloxane prepolymer was studied to discover optimal reaction conditions and determine the kinetics of the reaction.
The catalyst is a solubilized platinum complex of chloroplatinic acid or alternatively a peroxide.
In the presence of chloroplatinic acid, the hydrosilation reaction takes place between the two groups: