Cho Oyu

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Cho O·yu

 (chō′ ō-yo͞o′)
A peak, 8,188 m (26,864 ft) high, of the central Himalaya Mountains on the Nepal-China border.
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amp;nbsp;Three years later, he broke his own record by jumping from a height of 25,262 feet on Mount Cho Oyu, also in the Himalayas.
With this as a goal, I went to the Himalayas last year and will go there again this spring and autumn for training, and plan to go to Cho Oyu in May 2018.
I will fit my Cho Oyu skis with dedicated skins and TLT Speed Radical bindings.
Several peaks in the Himalayas are on our radar, including Cho Oyu (26,900 feet), Island Peak (20,300 feet), kala Pattar (18,200 feet) and, yes.
Since Everest, he's summited Cho Oyu (Worlds Sixth Highest Mountain) and completed the insanely difficult Marathon de Sables in Morrocco - believed to be the toughest footrace in the world.
Miura, who underwent heart surgery to correct recurring arrhythmia last November and again in January, said he was now setting his sights on skiing down the 8,188-meter Cho Oyu in the Himalayas, the world's sixth-highest peak.
They then sent a training expedition to the Nepalese mountain of Cho Oyu to test the theories of Pugh, who said the appliance of science would make the crucial difference.
Sir Edmund Hillary's photo of sherpa Tenzing at the summit of Everest, above, Hillary with George Lowe on Cho Oyu - the next-door neighbour to Everest - right, and the duo in New Zealand in 1951, above right
His next dream is to ski down Cho Oyu, the world's sixth highest mountain at 8201m, also in the Himalayas.
Hopefully, in autumn, I plan to climb Mount Cho Oyu and ski down once reaching the summit," Romero said.