v. t. & i.1.See Choke.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Square's triumph would almost have stopt his words, had he needed them; and Thwackum, who, for reasons before-mentioned, durst not venture at disobliging the lady, was almost choaked with indignation.
SSP visited city area, Fort, Shahbaz choak, Hussainabad and Lohi and reviewed relief and rescue work initiated by Police officials and Jawans.
A rally was taken from Govt Girls High school sakrand to Cinema Choak ,where they also sat in.
WIN PS25 This cute little chap is Leo Martin Choak, from Plymouth, who is four and a half months old.
To Cure Love (From The Little Book of Poisons, Potions and Aphrodisiacs) Take 2oz of Consideration, half of Quantity of Indifference, 10 Grains of ingratitude, 6 temples of Patience, a small sprig of Rye, a good handfuls of Employments, four months absence, mix with it To Make Perry (From The Little Book of Cocktails, Cordials and Elixirs) Take pears that have a vinous juice such as the Gooseberry Pear Horse Pear both the red and white, the John, the choak pears, and other pears of the like kind; take the reddest of the sort; let them be ripe but not too ripe and grind them as you do apples when you make cyder, and work it off in the same manner; if your pears are of a sweet taste, mix a few crabs with them.
The Forum's membership includes "a wide range of community organisations, faith groups and academic institutions that have developed substantial experience in providing effective evidence-based service solutions" (Choak et al., 2012: 12).
divert their Attention." Instead of focusing their attention on "the divine Truths proposed to us in the Gospel," his hearers were drawn to "Thoughts of an inferior and more hurtful Nature." For Blair, these wanderings of the mind were comparable to "Weeds in neglected Gardens" that "kill and choak all the good Flowers and Plants." What was needed in his congregation, he maintained, was "Attention ...
HIGH STANDARDS: Dawn Morgan, Rosemary Fox, Pauline Brooks, Selina Kearns, Sylvia Williams, Christine Choak and Ann French
(18) For Sterne's self-consciously moderate, whiggish stance of limited religious and political toleration, see this important passage in Tristram Shandy: "I reverence truth as much as any body; and when it has slipped us, if a man will but take me by the hand, and go quietly and search for it, as for a thing we have both lost, and can neither of us do well without,--I'll go to the world's end with him:--But I hate disputes,--and therefore (bating religious points, or such as touch society) I would almost subscribe any thing which does not choak me in the first passage, rather than be drawn into one-- ...