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Noun1.chocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candychocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candy    
chocolate candy - candy made with chocolate
Hershey bar - a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company
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The line-up includes 3-ounce all-natural milk and dark chocolate bars; 3-ounce organic milk and dark chocolate bars; 1.4-ounce organic milk and dark chocolate bars; and milk and dark chocolate bug bites and chimp mints.
has mostly promoted its delectable dark and milk chocolate bars through witty wrappers.
Jamieson Laboratories, Toronto, Canada, has unveiled PMS Support Chocolate Bars--a collection of 15 soy crisp chocolate bars infused with botanicals to help relieve both the physical and emotional symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).
Five of the chocolate bars, donated by Nestle, will have a golden ticket under their wrappers.
A student produced a bag of chocolate bars and offered them around.
Then: Chocolate bars, crisps, biscuits, handfuls of cooked meat from fridge etc.
Chocolate bars including Cadbury's Time Out and Nestle's Toffee Crisp will all have the fat removed.
A PUBLIC health expert was calling today for chocolate bars and other snacks to be made in smaller sizes to help reduce heart disease.
Standard-size chocolate bars (like Snickers, Hershey's Milk Chocolate, and Milky Way) supply roughly 250 calories, mostly from their sugars (20 to 35 grams) and fat (10 to 14 grams).
What would your mom say if she caught you zapping melted chocolate bars with electricity?
The company will also be rolling out M&M's Chocolate Bars by the end of this year, a statement from Mars Incorporated read.
BATCHES of Galaxy chocolate bars have been recalled because they might contain plastic.