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How much: Offers around PS210,000 What's the deal: This house has a cutesy, chocolate-box feel from the front with pretty ivy trailing up the exterior walls.
It chimes with Eye's vision of a retirement spent swanning around some rural idyll, roses scattered around the door of a chocolate-box cottage.
The action takes place in the Balkans around 1885 and so the show has sumptuous period costumes and a chocolate-box set designed by Mark Bailey.
Despite the potentially chocolate-box Derbyshire setting, Steve Edge and Matt King (Peep Show's legendary Super Hans), who play uncles Fergie and Loz, do an excellent job of keeping the Starlings real enough so they don't sink into the comedy quicksand of cosiness.
THE Old rectory Cottage is a gorgeous chocolate-box thatched home in the quiet village of Tarrant Keyneston in Dorset.
Thinking I had lucked across a titillating tale of sado-masochistic debauchery I naturally tuned in only to be confronted with some beardy American with a canvas and palette daubing a chocolate-box country scene on a show that it turned out was called The Joy Of Painting.
A tiny medieval town just a few miles inland from the glorious Dorset coast, Beaminster may look typically English on the outside, but underneath its chocolate-box exterior beats a chic French heart.
It's definitely not a tragic ending, but it's not chocolate-box happy either.
They live in a chocolate-box thatched cottage in Devon.
We're appealing to all those we welcome into our communities over the holiday period to look behind the chocolate-box image of rural areas and to get a real understanding of the problems we face.
Serafima Ryangina's dizzying Higher and Higher, in which a radiant pair of male and female workers climbs toward total electrification, had been criticized in 1934 for applying a "Michelangelesque power" to the "sickly sweetness of an old chocolate-box picture.
Down under they've been opting for the chocolate-box approach - tinyurl.