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 (chô′kə-lĭ-tîr′, chôk′lĭ-tîr′, chŏk′-)
1. One who makes or sells chocolate.
2. A place where chocolate is made or sold.

[French, from chocolat, chocolate, from Spanish chocolate; see chocolate.]
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(ˌtʃɒkəˈlætɪə; French ʃɔkɔlatje)
(Cookery) a person or company that makes or sells chocolate
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(ˌtʃɔ kə ləˈtɪər, ˌtʃɒk ə-, ˌtʃɔk lə-, ˌtʃɒk-; Fr. ʃɔ kɔ laˈtyeɪ)

n., pl. -tiers (-ˈtɪərz; Fr. -ˈtyeɪ)
a person or firm that makes and sells chocolate candy.
[< French; see chocolate, -ier2]
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Chocolatiers at Cadbury World have made an out-ofthis world new creation.
"With our increased capacity, growing team of chocolatiers and gorgeous new look to our products we are ready to reach out to Scotland and beyond with our delicious chocolate."
Sadly, the series concludes today with one last visit to the master chocolatiers.
PICK OF THE DAY extreme chocolate makers Channel 4, 5.30pm Sadly the series concludes today with one last visit to the master chocolatiers.
Created by Cadbury chocolatiers Gail Deeley and Sian Patterson, the solid chocolate shell is one-and-a-half inches thick and the egg itself weighs over five-and-a-half stone.
CADBURY World chocolatiers have created a mouth-watering 2.5ft tall egg to celebrate Easter - the equivalent of 844 standard Dairy Milk bars.
A CHOCOLATE diplodocus has hatched from its egg at Cadbury World as the attraction's talented team of in-house chocolatiers celebrate the Birminghambased leg of 'Dippy on Tour.'.
On the trip, she learned more about the craft from fellow chocolatiers from South America, the US, Europe and Asia.
The quality of our products and services comes with the passion and dedication from our chocolatiers who deliver their best day in and day out.
Cao Chocolates, Romanicos Chocolates, Le Chocolatier, Miami Beach Chocolates are some of the best chocolatiers that the beach town has to offer.
Chocolatiers treat the cacao beans themselves, instead of buying processed chocolate from another manufacturer.