pain au chocolat

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pain au cho·co·lat

 (pän ō shō′kō-lät′, păN ô shō′kō-lä′)
A light, flaky, rectangular pastry with a chocolate filling.

[French : pain, bread + au, with the + chocolat, chocolate.]
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The lawmakers from Gascony, better known for its rugby, bull running and duck-meat delicacies, say the sweet pastry they call "chocolatine" originates from their region.
At which point, the driver unveils a tray of chocolatine and some delicious little fruit tarts.
Called Chocolatine, the packaging features a clear injection-blow-molded jar containing a scented cream with chocolate, vanilla, and orange fragrances; it includes a cap that encapsulates and diffuses a perfumed scent matching the cream contents.
Igual mantenia el rojo, negro y blanco en la pintura de su cara y el reparto de los chocolatines al final de su acto.
Executive pastry chef/owner Elizabeth Casey of On the Rise Baking in Worcester shares a favorite cookie, Chocolatines, a recipe from Nicholas Malgieri, who launched the baking program at Peter Kump's New York Cooking School.
10,000 meals of Ellen DeGeneres' Halo natural pet food, which they can donate to an animal shelter of their choice, wine filled chocolates from Chocolatines and a wide selection of teas are also included in the gifts bag.