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(Clothing & Fashion) the conventional attire of Sikhs consisting of a long, loose shirt


(ˈtʃoʊ lə)

n., pl. -las.
(esp. Mexican-American) a teenage girl who associates with cholos.
[1975–80 < American Spanish, feminine of cholo]
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The prime minister also talked about the growing contribution of women to the security forces of the country and remembered women warriors of the Chola Dynasty.
Several subsequent regional and conquering dynasties ruled until the region became part of the Chola dynasty in the 12th century AD.
The 86- cm tall bronze statue of Lord Shiva in the dancing pose was cast during the Chola Dynasty of South India dating back to the 10th century.
In the very next show, Chitrangada Singh looked stunning in a garnet red ghagra and gold & red choli with antique gold work crafted by Harshita Chatterjee Deshpande, who drew inspiration from the carvings of temples of South India, devadasis and the Chola dynasty. Hand- woven Kanjeevaram pure silk was combined with Chanderi silk, tussar leather and soy net.
The Chola Dynasty of medieval India was known as one of the greatest naval powers of its time in the Indian Ocean.