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(Clothing & Fashion) the conventional attire of Sikhs consisting of a long, loose shirt


(ˈtʃoʊ lə)

n., pl. -las.
(esp. Mexican-American) a teenage girl who associates with cholos.
[1975–80 < American Spanish, feminine of cholo]
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The President said India and Singapore share historic links since the times of the Cholas.
Pranab said India and Singapore share historic links since the times of the Cholas and an important chapter of India's freedom struggle was enacted in Singapore.
Chris Cholas, Time Warner Cable senior director of premise technology
One viewer said: "The poor thing probably only thinks us Latinos are dangerous gang members, cholas or maids.
to go gets cholas gh h , Hills bet: 5-4 Sam Bailey, 4-1 Nicholas McDonald, Tamera Foster, 9-2 Rough Copy, 8-1 Luke Friend, 25-1 Hannah Barrett, 40-1 Sam Callahan.
Other Pallava records note the same system, hut under the Cholas these arrangements become elaborate, and an intricate pattern was followed regarding the income and expenditure of temples.
Polonnaruwa, which is the second most ancient of Sri Lanka's kingdoms, also served as a capital under the brief reign of the Cholas ( from India) in the late 10th and early 11th centuries.
Since the 10th Century, Tranquebar has changed hands from the Cholas to the Pandyas to the Dutch, the British for a brief while and finally isolation.
In addition, a missing clue on this issue is that cholera might derive from cholas, an Attic word meaning intestine, which has not survived in modern Greek (4).
Dancing Dreams (directed by Rainer Hoffmann and Anne Linsel) The only part of high school I can remember is a quasi-utopian period near the end, when jocks, fags, dykes, cheerleaders, cholas, nerds, and heshers alike suddenly became friends--a hopeful end/beginning-times solidarity in the face of fast-approaching "real life.
Instead Mexican American youth in LA created an expressive culture that combined urban American--particularly African American--and Mexican elements, one rooted in the style politics of zoot suitors, pachucos and pachucas, and cholos and cholas, that contributed to the development of a cool "counterculture with a street edge and a tough, working-class masculinity and femininity.
cholas Abs chances re given a ost when usive Pimernel won e Craven es at Newarket.