Cholera bacillus

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Investigations carried out with cholera patients led him to identify the comma shaped cholera bacillus (Vibrio cholerae, later on named as Vibrio cholerae Pacini 1854) as the causative agent of the disease (4).
It was not until more than twenty years later, in the course of the third pandemic, that another medic, Arthur Hill Hassall, became, without realising it, the first man to see the cholera bacillus. But he made the mistake of regarding the minute, comma-shaped bodies, whose presence his microscope revealed in samples of London water, as the result of the disease rather than as its cause.
In 1883 Koch travelled to Egypt and India to investigate the causes of cholera, discovered the cholera bacillus, tracked its transmission by way of polluted water and pointed out that it could be controlled by keeping drinking water clean.