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Noun1.Choloepus - a genus of Megalonychidae consisting of the two-toed sloth
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Megalonychidae, Megalonychidae - mammal family consisting of the two-toed sloths
Choloepus didactylus, two-toed sloth, unai, unau - relatively small fast-moving sloth with two long claws on each front foot
Choloepus hoffmanni, two-toed sloth, unai, unau - a sloth of Central America that has two long claws on each forefoot and three long claws on each hindfoot
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For its part, Bustamante (2008) documented that the white-lipped peccary, the two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni) and the coati (Nasua narica) were the main items found in Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve in the Osa Peninsula.
Use of hands and feet of twotoed sloths (Choloepus hoffmanni) during climbing and terrestrial locomotion.
The animals analyzed were 18 three-toed sloths (Bradypus tridactylus), one two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus), one black dwarf porcupine (Coendou nycthemera), six southern tamanduas (Tamandua tetradactyla), 25 red-tailed boa (Boa constrictor), one green anaconda (Eunectes murinus), two green iguanas (Iguana iguana), and two Amazon false fer-de-lances (Xenodon severus).
El "perezoso de dos dedos" (Choloepus didactylus), asi como el "oso melero" o "tamandua" (Tamandua tetradactila) y otros marsupiales y roedores, pueden hospedar Leishmania guyanensis.
At a site in Costa Rica, researchers vacuumed the fur of strict tree-descenders, the brown-throated three-toed sloths (Bradypus variegatus), and of Hoffmann's two-toed sloths (Choloepus hoffmanni), which sometimes climb down and sometimes don't bother.
Activity patterns and rates of movement of two-toed and three-toed sloths (Choloepus hoffmanni and Bradypus infuscatus).
Chucha -- CINGULATA Dasypodidae Dasypus novemcinctus Armadillo 1 PILOSA Megalonychidae Choloepus hoffmanni Perezoso -- Myrmecophagidae Tamandua mexicana Hormiguero -- CARNIVORA Canidae Canidae sp.
In some locations, ocelots prey heavily on mammals weighing >4 kg, such as howler monkeys (Alouatta; Abreu et al., 2008; Bianchi and Mendes, 2007), sloths (Bradypus variegatus and Choloepus hoffmanni; Moreno et al., 2006), and pacas (Cuniculus paca; Bianchi et al., 2010).