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Noun1.Chondrichthyes - cartilaginous fishesChondrichthyes - cartilaginous fishes      
Craniata, subphylum Craniata, subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata - fishes; amphibians; reptiles; birds; mammals
cartilaginous fish, chondrichthian - fishes in which the skeleton may be calcified but not ossified
Holocephali, subclass Holocephali - chimaeras and extinct forms
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Klassi Chondrichthyes esindajate levikust Valgevene Devonis ja Alam-Karbonis
adentatus represented a transition in evolution from the extinct bony fish group called the acanthodians to the cartilaginous ones called the chondrichthyes that are still around today; it is one of the links that connects the two.
The results from the 2017 IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature) regional red list assessment of 153 species of Chondrichthyes have revealed this alarming trend.
Chordata Haeckel, 1874 Chondrichthyes Huxley, 1880 Hexanchus agassizi Cappetta, 1976 Macrorhizodus praecursor (Leriche, 1905) Woellsteinia kozlovi Adnet, 2006 Anomotodon sp.
Although Excoraiiana Stebbing, 1904 are Corallanidae that occur predominantly in marine environments substrates (Delaney, 1989), they have also been reported parasitizing a few species of marine Teleostei and Chondrichthyes (Williams-Jr & Bunkley-Williams, 1994; Semmens et al.
Although some of these paralogs tandemly duplicated within the teleost lineage, others including aqp3, -3L, -8aa, -8ab, -10, and -10L duplicated earlier in Chondrichthyes or prior to the separation of Holostei from Teleostei (Finn et al.
Taxonomic list, stratigraphy, and references for the Chondrichthyes fauna from the Cucullaea I Allomember (La Meseta Formation) of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
Los cordados siguen en abundancia (phylum Chordata, con seis clases: Chondrichthyes, Osteichthyes, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves y Mammalia).