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n.1.(Min.) A fluosilicate of magnesia and iron, yellow to red in color, often occurring in granular form in a crystalline limestone.
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A broad range of colour has been documented for Tanzanian chondrodite ('Uncommon minerals as gemstones .
For instance, trace amounts of limonite impart a yellowish brown color; serpentine, hornblende, and diopside produce varying tones of green; minute quantities of hematite, vesuvianite, and garnet introduce a reddish brown hue; sphene, epidote, and chondrodite give a yellow tinge; and plant and animal remains produce shades of dark gray to almost black.
Trouble is, the species is not chondrodite but clinohumite--this identification is the unequivocal result of expert and careful testing by Jaroslav Hyrsl in Europe, Marcus Origlieri at the University of Arizona, and, I'm told, others.
Dudley Blauwet recently returned from Pakistan with some gemmy red chondrodite from Ladjur Madea, Kokcha Valley, Badakhshan, Afghanistan.
A small area in one of Dudley's always-intriguing glass cases at the Main Show harbored about a dozen loose, deep brownish red, part-gemmy crystals and tight crystal groups of chondrodite from a site near Ladjuar Madan, Kokcha Valley, Badakhshan.
Here is a quick survey: Francois Lietard had some brand-new specimens (miniature to cabinet-size) of sharp black spinel octahedrons and spinel-law twins in sizes to 4 cm on edge embedded in white marble, with sharp red-brown opaque chondrodite crystals to 1.
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