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A small round granule of extraterrestrial origin found embedded in some meteorites.
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(Astronomy) one of the small spherical masses of mainly silicate minerals present in chondrites
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(ˈkɒn drul)

a small round mass of olivine or pyroxene found in stony meteorites.
[1885–90; chondr (ite) + -ule]
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Noun1.chondrule - small granule (of e.g. chrysolite) found in some meteoric rockschondrule - small granule (of e.g. chrysolite) found in some meteoric rocks
chondrite - a rock of meteoric origin containing chondrules
granule - a tiny grain
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The X-rays from these large flare events are thought to affect the formation of 'chondrules', flash-melted calcium-aluminium-rich grains in the star's protoplanetary disc.
and Kimura, M.: 2009, Tetrad effects in REE abundance patterns of chondrules from CM meteorites: Implications for aqueous alteration on the CM parent asteroid.
Its chondrules (the silicate mineral grains found in meteorites) are clearly visible." Jean-Marie Schaller, Louis Moinet's CEO and creative director, says: "It's an honour to be paying tribute to Qatar by combining the art of watchmaking with this unique and authentic celestial heritage.
Chondrites - the most common type of meteorites found on Earth - are made up of chondrules, which are small, spheroidal particles.
Lightning flashes in the huge cloud of primeval dust and gas from which the planets in the solar system condensed may have caused formation of the puzzling objects known as chondrules ...
(1993): An experimental study of trace element partitioning between olivine, orthopyroxene and melt in chondrules: equilibrium values and kinetic effects.
Lee, "The origin of chondrules and refractory inclusions in chondritic meteorites," Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol.
Using improved methods of analysis of uranium and lead isotopes, the current study of primitive meteorites has enabled researchers to date the formation of two very different types of materials, so-called calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (or CAI's for short) and chondrules, found within the same meteorite.
"When we saw the reports about the meteor the next day we decided to have a look and found this rock matching the description given on the internet, 'heavy with small white chondrules'."
"It's heavy and it has what looks like "small white chondrules" described on the internet.