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A pair of pajamalike pants tapering to a tight fit at the calf and ankle and usually cut long so as to gather in folds at the lower leg, worn chiefly in South Asia.

[Hindi cūrīdār and Urdu čūrīdār : Hindi cūṛī and Urdu čūṛī, bangle, gather (in fabric), tuck (from Middle Indic cūḍā, cūḷā, topknot, swelling, protuberance, from Sanskrit cūḍā, protuberance, of unknown origin) + -dār, holder; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]
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Qureshi, in his 1957 book The Pakistan Way of Life, writes that it was the sherwani for men and for women it was the kameez with chooridar pajama.
Women look nice, graceful, beautiful and charming in traditional dresses of shalwar-kameez with dupatta, ghararas and even chooridar pyjamah with dupattas.
It exuded old school glam and honestly felt as if we have been transported back into the Mughal era with rich colours and intricate work.Reema looked absolutely breathtaking in a rich red and gold peshwasand chooridar with side swept hair and a stunning jhoomar.
Mawra Hocane made chooridar pajamas cool again at Pakistan Film Festival New York
The clothes were so utterly pretty: the angarkha paired with a chooridar, the glittering paisleys, zig-zags and florals, the translucent kurtas floating over gharara pants and the cigarette pants worked with ghungroos at the ankle!